Where in Bulgaria?

Moving to Bulgaria? It is still a good choice for relocation. The trick is to know where to buy property. Like all countries, in Bulgaria there are good and bad places for living. The question is that the bad places can be really bad. If you don’t know the environment you can relocate to village with large gypsy population that will steal and disturb you and your family. Some villages are located near factories, thermal power plants or mines and the air is polluted. There are also villages with poor infrastructure, with problems with the water and electricity supplying and bad roads. You must look for all these things before decide to buy a village property.

If you are careful and don’t buy “on blind” you can find a real nice place to relocate. There are a lot of cute villages, in areas like Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo province and the Rhodope mountain, where you can find peace, clean air and good neighbors. Before buy some property try to live a little bit in this place renting some house, so you can see do you like the life there or not. The sales now are much more than the clients so you have a lot of choice.


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