Moving to Bulgaria – how the phenomenon developed

The process of large moving to Bulgaria from West Europe started in the previous decade. The real estates in Bulgaria, especially the village houses, were very cheap, and thousands of people from UK, Germany and other countries from the European Union found an opportunity to have unbelievable cheap property in country, where everything is much cheaper than in their countries.

When Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, this process went into a real boom. In calm and forgotten villages, where nothing has been built in the last 50 – 100 years, began renovation of rural houses and building of new ones. The rates of the real estates began to grow constantly. The people from the west countries believed that they can find a cheap paradise by relocation to Bulgaria.

Of course, when something looks perfect, most – likely it’s not. This boom of expatiates in Bulgaria led to boom of cheaters in some connected branches: real estate agents, builders and other unfaithful people smelled “easy money” and organized “hunting” of not informed foreigners. Very easy “the paradise” Bulgaria showed its other side to the new inhabitants – cheaters, crimes, bad infrastructure, bad medical care, slow and corrupted administration. Must point, that all these bad sides appear only on some places. On many other the foreigners more or less found their paradise.

Of course, the nature and the market are regulating by themselves. The people from West Europe became more and more informed about the situation in Bulgaria, began to organize and to know how to search for their rights. The bubble of the village properties market leaked and the rates normalized. So, after several years, in which in the beginning Bulgaria was a paradise, after that a bad place, in our days after most of the processes were stabilized, we can say that Bulgaria is a good place for relocation.

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