Moving of hospital equipment

The hospital and health care equipment in most cases is heavy and expensive. Moving of such kind of machines requires special skills, knowledge, experience, stuff and equipment. Our company for local and international removals to and from Bulgaria has it all. This is the reason why our company is chosen by hospitals in whole Bulgaria when they need moving of equipment.

Our company made the whole moving of all equipment in the bright new hospital Tokuda in Sofia in 2006. Almost all new machines for the hospitals in Bulgaria – medical scanners, machines for magnetic resonance imaging, angiography, etc. move through our experienced hands.

Along with the special equipment – cranes, rollers, belts, etc. , the stuff must be experienced,advised with the special features, and with special working clothes and shoes. Contract and insurance are obligatory too when working with such kind of expensive things and some dangers exist. Only experienced companies like Moving.BG can fit in all these requirements.

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