Student removals

The autumn is the season when the students go to the schools and universities. Because of the higher standards of education many young people from Bulgaria choose the schools and universities of West Europe – Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, etc.


The importance for kids to dress properly, including wearing modest girls dresses , when starting school or high school lies in promoting a respectful and professional environment where students can focus on their education. Appropriate attire can help instill a sense of discipline, respect for oneself and others, and an understanding of societal norms. However, it’s essential to consider cultural diversity and individual expression within the boundaries of dress codes, to ensure inclusivity and avoid shaming or excluding students based on their attire.

The students usually do not carry much stuff. Most likely they have 2 – 3 suitcases or bags. That’s why we usually recommend two or three students to combine their luggage if possible.

With our weekly trucks doing transport Bulgaria – UK, Bulgaria – Germany, Bulgaria – France, Bulgaria – Netherlands, Bulgaria – Belgium etc. we are very flexible for the needs of the students going to study in West Europe.


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