Safety removal

Our company Moving .BG performs cheap but safety removals to and from Bulgaria from years. The safety and good life of our customers after the removal is priority. So, for having good times after a removal to Bulgaria, here are some details. First, before buying a property, try to live one month for rent at the area. The neighbours are very important. Here are some areas with very unpleasant neighbours from a specific ethnical group, run fast from these places.
Also, there are some villages located close to a huge coal mine and thermal power plants, where the air is more dirty than in the big city. Noone wants to buy properties there, so some real estate agents try to use the not- knowing of some foreigners and to foist them such a property.
Another thing is, that some places have problems with water supplying, drainage, even electricity, and you must check these details too.
However, out of this, there are hundred of beautiful places in Bulgaria to relocate.

социални мрежи

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