Moving with children

Moving to Bulgaria with children – this is a challenge. The act of removal is not so complicated if done by a professional removal company like Moving.BG ,but you must think about the life after the relocation to Bulgaria. Your goods must arrive at your new home before the children, so they can live normally in the new place.

The new place must be water and electricity supplied, with possibility for fast medical help, there must be school nearby and good road, with constant snow removal for the winter, there must be supermarket nearby too, so the best choice for a country house is to be near a town – province center, so you’ll have all these things.

The house must be in good condition, well isolated and clean. It will be good if there is big garden, and also river or lake nearby where the children can go for fishing or swimming in the summer. If you relocate for urban life in big city like Sofia, the close – type complexes are a good decision – there is a lot of space between the buildings, security and everything else needful for your easy life with children in Bulgaria.

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